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ACC Board’s levy recommendations for 2012/13 to the Minister for ACC

Under the Accident Compensation Act 2001, the ACC Board (the "Board") has now recommended levy rates for the 2012/13 year to the Minister for ACC. In recommending these levy rates, the Board has considered submissions received as part of
the public consultation process, which took place between 19 July and 16 August 2011. The Board’s recommended levy rates for 2012/13 are the same as those consulted on.
The ACC Board’s recommendations are not binding on the Minister, who obtains further advice before making recommendations to Cabinet. The Minister will announce the rates once they are decided.
The ACC Board’s levy recommendations (GST exclusive):
ACC Account and purpose
Who pays Levy rate Current 2011/12 Proposed and recommended 2012/13 Proposed change
Work Account: Cover for injuries that occur in the workplace
Paid by self-employed* and employers (invoiced directly by ACC) Combined average^ levy rate per $100 liable earnings $1.47 $1.15 down 32c
Motor Vehicle Account: Cover for motor vehicle injuries occurring on public roads
Paid by motorists (through licensing fees and petrol levy) Combined average^ levy per vehicle $334.52 $334.52 no change

Earners’ Account: Cover for non-work injuries
Paid by employees and self-employed (through PAYE) Combined earners’ levy rate per $100 liable earnings $1.78 $1.48 down 30c
* Self-employed and non-PAYE shareholders also pay the non-work claims levy
^ These are average rates. Individual rates for industry groups and motor vehicle classes may increase or decrease.
Need more information?
For information that accompanied the levy recommendations made to the Minister, you can:
- email:
- Write to Levy Consultation, ACC, P O Box 242, Wellington, for a printed document
- Visit us on our website: