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RS&T Funding Subject to a Separate Decision-making Process

Pursuant to section 5(2) of the Research, Science, and Technology Act 2010, the following RS&T funding
in Vote Science and Innovation is subject to a separate decision-making process:
(a) Crown Research Institute Core Funding
(b) Engaging New Zealanders with Science and Technology
(c) Fellowships for Excellence (which includes Rutherford Discovery Fellowships and Fulbright Fellowships)
(d) Health and Society Research Funding that is allocated by the Health Research Council
(e) Marsden Fund
(f) National Measurement Standards
(g) Research Contract Management
(h) Vision Matauranga Capability Fund
(i) Advanced Network Capability Building
(j) Convention Du Metre
(k) Genomics Research Infrastructure
(l) International Relationships
(m) National e-Science Infrastructure
(n) Royal Society of New Zealand
(o) Science Collections and Infrastructure
(p) Biological Industries Research Funding and High Value Manufacturing and Services Research Funding that is allocated in accordance with Commercialisation and Technology Support, Objective 1
This notice supersedes and revokes the notice entitled "RS&T Funding that is not referred to the Science or Innovation Boards" published on page 209 of the Establishment of Innovation Board and Science Board and Other Related Notices Supplement to the New Zealand Gazette, 31 January 2011, No. 9, page 177.
Dated at Wellington this 9th day of December 2011.
HON DR WAYNE MAPP, Minister of Science and Innovation.