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Customs and Excise (Rules of Origin-Harmonised System) Amendment Regulations 2011

Pursuant to section 287D of the Customs and Excise Act 1996, notice is hereby given of the making of Regulations under the Customs and Excise Act.
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1. Title-These Regulations are the Customs and Excise (Rules of Origin-Harmonised System) Amendment Regulations 2011.
2. Commencement-These Regulations were made
on 3 October 2011 and shall come into force on 1 January 2012.
3. Effect of Regulations-These Regulations amend the Customs and Excise Regulations 1996, by incorporating by reference documents compiled under Regulation 32A(1), Regulation 41(1) and Regulation 51ZZ of the Customs and Excise Regulations.
The above provisions make "rules of origin" changes applicable to imports from Australia (under the ANZCERTA), Hong Kong, China and Malaysia that are
the subject of claims for preferential tariff treatment
upon entry to New Zealand.
These changes follow one of the World Customs Organisation’s periodic (every five or six years) review
of the Harmonized System Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).
As a signatory to the HS Convention, New Zealand is obliged to make certain changes to product-specific rules
of origin because our rules of origin are linked to the product numbering and descriptions in the HS.
4. Availability-A copy of these provisions can be viewed at the New Zealand Customs Service website
or ordered by mail from New Zealand Customs Service,
PO Box 2218, Wellington 6140.
5. Status of Order-This Order is a Regulation for the purposes of the Regulations (Disallowance) Act 1989.