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Electricity Regulations (Prohibited Electrical Fitting - Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001) Notice 2011

Pursuant to Regulation 87 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 ("the Regulations"), I, Mark Stephen Wogan, Operations Manager, Energy Safety, give the following notice.
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1. Short title and commencement-(1) This notice is the Electricity Regulations (Prohibited Electrical Fitting - Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001) Notice 2011.
(2) This prohibition is to take effect on and from the date following the date of publication of this notice in the New Zealand Gazette.
2. Prohibited equipment-The manufacture, importation, sale (including an offer to sell), and use, of the electrical fitting, being a "Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001" as prescribed in this notice, is prohibited.
3. Description-(1) The fitting to which this notice applies are "Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001" that were available from a "", although they may also have been available elsewhere.
(2) The form of packaging is a green cardboard carton with a clear window through which the fitting is visible.
(3) The packaging wording contains the wording marked "GO4GREEN", "EnergySmart", "CUT ELECTRICITY BILLS NOW".
(4) Approximate dimension of a known fitting are: 13.0cm x 7.0cm x 10.0cm.
(5) The fitting is known to exist in a green and silver, although may exist in other colours.
(6) The fitting is marked with, "Model Name SD-001", "Rated Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz", "Useful Load 1500kW", "240V 0.5A", RCM and Class II symbols, "Made in China".
(7) The images below show a known example of the fitting to which this notice applies for identification purposes, although there may be other variants of similar unsafe construction (see clause 4), to which the prohibition will apply.

4. Details of unsafe fitting-The "Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001" fitting is, or may be, electrically unsafe in that when withdrawing the fitting from a supply socket-outlet the user may be exposed to an electrical shock from the exposed plug pins that may be live. This may constitute an electric shock hazard to the user as the contact pins of the fitting will be exposed and therefore able to be touched after use.
5. Reasons for prohibition-The "Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001" described in this notice is, or may be, electrically unsafe, in that there is significant risk that a person may suffer harm as a result of dangers arising from the use of, or passage of electricity through, the fittings or appliances. The "Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001" are non-compliant in that:
- with respect to Regulation 80(2)(a) of the Regulations 2010, the fittings do not comply with the standard AS/NZS 3820 or the applicable AS/NZS 3100; and
- the fittings are electrically unsafe, as defined in Regulation 5 of the Regulations.
Dated at Wellington this 19th day of October 2011.
MARK STEPHEN WOGAN, Operations Manager, Energy Safety, Ministry of Economic Development.