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Notice Stating Where Copies of the Statement of Proposal for Consultation on Urgent Changes to Compliance Document B1 for the Canterbury Earthquake Region are Available

Pursuant to sections 29(5) and 30 of the Building Act
2004 ("the Act"), I give notice of consultation on an urgent amendment (ie Amendment 10) that was made to the compliance document for the New Zealand Building
Code clause B1 Structure ("Compliance Document B1") on 19 May 2011. Amendment 10 modifies the verification method for structure ("B1/VM1") and the acceptable solutions for structure ("B1/AS1" and "B1/AS3") to take account of changes to the seismicity of the area contained within the boundaries of the Christchurch City Council,
the Selwyn District Council and the Waimakariri District Council ("the Canterbury Earthquake Region").
The statement of proposal for Amendment 10 to the
B1 Compliance Document can be downloaded free of charge from the Department of Building and Housing website at
This consultation is carried out in accordance with
section 30(1)(a) of the Act, for the purpose of making a final decision on the urgent amendment to Compliance Document B1 that was made on 19 May 2011.
Note that NZS 3604:2011 (Section 5) was incorporated by reference into Compliance Document B1 as part of that urgent amendment.
That standard has subsequently (on 1 August 2011, and following consultation) been incorporated by reference into that Compliance Document for the whole of New Zealand (ie Amendment 11).
There will, therefore, be no further consultation on that aspect of the urgent amendment.
I invite comment on Amendment 10 by 31 October 2011.
Comments can be made online at
or emailed to
"Structure Supporting Document Changes"
in the subject line; or
by post or hand-delivered to
Attention: Building Standards, Structure Changes Consultation, Department of Building and Housing,
86 Customhouse Quay (PO Box 10729), Wellington.
Dated at Wellington this 13th day of October 2011.
DAVID KELLY, Deputy Chief Executive, Building Quality, Department of Building and Housing.