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Charitable Trusts
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Notice of Application for Approval of a Scheme
Under Part III of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957
Notice is hereby given that the trustees of the TRINITY SCHOOLS TRUST BOARD ("the Trust") established by deed dated the 20th day of January 1921 ("the Trust Deed") have filed an application in the office of the High Court at Masterton for approval of a scheme varying the terms of the Trust under which the Trust assets are held.
Under the Trust Deed, the trustees hold certain assets for
the three Trinity Schools, namely Rathkeale College,
St Matthews Collegiate and Hadlow Preparatory School.
The Trust Deed has previously been amended twice by Court orders and it is now proposed to vary the Trust Deed further in the following ways:
(a) Streamline the governance structure by reducing the number of trustees.
(b) Shorten the tenure of trustees’ appointments.
(c) Provide a meaningful trust document with a modern focus without upsetting the purpose or integrity of the original objects of the Trust Deed.
The proposed amendments are purely administrative in nature and do not change the objects of the trust.
Copies of the scheme and the report of the Attorney-General thereon may be inspected, free of charge, at the office
of the Registrar of the High Court at Masterton under
CIV-2011-435-3 or at the office of Greenwood Roche and Chisnall, Solicitors, Level 9, 36 Customhouse Quay, Wellington, or at the office of St Matthew’s Collegiate,
33 Pownall Street, Masterton.
The application has been set down for hearing in the High Court at Wellington on 7 March 2011.
Any person desiring to oppose the scheme is required
to give notice of his or her intention to do so to the Registrar of the High Court at Masterton and to John Paul Greenwood, trustee, at the offices of Greenwood Roche
and Chisnall and the Attorney-General not less than seven clear days before the above-mentioned date.
Dated this 17th day of January 2011.
G. F. KELLY, Solicitor for Applicant.