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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Traffic Signs - 40km/h Advisory School Zones Trial

Pursuant to subclause 3.4(1) of the Land Transport
Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 ("the Rule") and to
a delegation from the NZ Transport Agency, I, Glenn Bunting, Network Manager, hereby authorise the installation and maintenance of alternative signs:
(i) for the purpose described in Schedule 1;
(ii) in the form and layout, set out in Schedule 2;
(iii) at the locations stated in Schedule 3;
(iv) for the period specified in Schedule 4; and
(v) subject to the terms and conditions detailed in Schedule 5.
The alternative signs shall be used for the purpose of evaluating their use and the trial shall be called the "40km/h advisory school zones trial".
Schedule 1-Purpose of trial
The purpose of the trial is to:
(a) evaluate the effectiveness and safety of traffic signs that differ from those specified in Schedule 1 of the Rule; and
(b) assess the effect of advisory speed signs as an alternative means of managing traffic in school zones.
Schedule 2-Form and layout of signs
The signs must be as specified in the following descriptions:
40km/h Advisory School Zone
The sign indicates to drivers that they are entering a school zone with an advisory maximum speed of 40km/h whenever children are present in the zone.
Shape and Size: Rectangle
900 x 1500mm (speed limit = 70km/h)
1200 x 2000mm (speed limit > 70km/h)
Background: Yellow-green (RF)
Border: Black 20mm (= 70km/h)
30mm (> 70km/h)
Description Colour Size
above Black 120/20.4 (= 70km/h)
160/27.2 (> 70km/h)
a horizontal
above Black 20mm (= 70km/h)
30mm (> 70km/h)
"40" Black 225/38.2 (= 70km/h)
300/51 (> 70km/h)
120/18.6 (= 70km/h)
160/24.8 (> 70km/h)
"40km/h advisory school zone" sign
School Zone Ends
The sign indicates to drivers that they are leaving a school zone.
Shape and Size: Rectangle
800 x 800mm (speed limit = 70km/h) 1200 x 1200mm (speed limit > 70km/h)
Background: Yellow-green (RF)
Border: Black 30mm
Description Colour Size
"ENDS" Black 125/19.5 (= 70km/h)
160/24.8 (> 70km/h)
"School zone ends"
The locations approved for this trial are as follows:
Selwyn District
Barnes Road at Ladbrooks School;
Bealey Road at Hororata School;
Bridge Road and Greendale Road at Greendale School;
Godley Road at Burnham School;
Greenpark Road at Greenpark School;
Robinsons Road at Broadfield School;
State Highway 77 at Glentunnel School;
State Highway 77 at Windwhistle School;
Weedons Ross Road at Weedons School.
Schedule 4-Period of trial
The trial may begin after the publication of this notice and, unless terminated earlier, must end by 21 December 2012.
Schedule 5-Conditions
Each approach to the school zone on the main road outside the school, must have "40km/h advisory school zone" signs installed on both sides of the road facing traffic approaching the school zone.
Side roads that intersect with the school zone must have at least one "40km/h advisory school zone" sign installed facing traffic approaching the school zone.
At least one "School zone ends" sign must be installed on each road leaving the school zone.
Length of School Zone
The 40km/h advisory school zone should be at least 300m long on the main road outside the school, but should not be longer than 500m.
The length of the school zone on side roads may be shorter than 300m.
An evaluation shall be undertaken as outlined in the project plan prepared by Selwyn District Council dated the 13th day of April 2011.
An interim evaluation report must be sent to me with an analysis of data after six months of operation (and no later than December 2011) and the final report by
21 December 2012.
Signed at Wellington this 2nd day of May 2011.
GLENN BUNTING, Network Manager.