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Notice of Change to Industry Coverage for the New Zealand Engineering, Food and Manufacturing Industry Training Organisation Incorporated (trading as Competenz)

Pursuant to section 5 of the Industry Training Act 1992, full recognition has been granted for a further period of five years, with effect from 18 November 2009 to 18 November 2014, to the New Zealand Engineering Food and Manufacturing Industry Training Organisation Incorporated (trading as Competenz) to set standards at Levels 1-10
on the National Qualifications Framework for the mechanical and manufacturing engineering and fabrication (excluding metal furniture and boat building); food and beverage manufacturing; steel manufacturing; chemical product manufacturing (principally cleaning products); cosmetics and toiletry preparation manufacturing, and soap and other detergent manufacturing; lift and escalator servicing; fire protection systems; locksmithing and gunsmithing industries; rail operations industry excluding dairy sites and truck operations; and the maritime industry, which comprises the operation of vessels, excluding those vessels whose primary purpose is commercial fishing, which through membership either belong to or are entitled to belong to the Royal New Zealand Coastguard Federation, the New Zealand Shipping Federation and the New Zealand Maritime Transport Association, including vessels operated by the Defence Force or owned by the State, or any vessels used on coastal or inland waterways.
These vessels are involved in trade, the carriage and transfer of cargo and passengers, search and rescue, salvage, recreational activities, conservation, scientific research, servicing off-shore oil and gas facilities, dredging, towing, or are governed by the International Convention on Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STC&W) and the New Zealand Maritime Transport Act 1994 and its subsequent amendments.
Dated at Wellington this 9th day of March 2011.
HON STEVEN JOYCE, Minister for Tertiary Education.