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Hazardous Substances (Prohibiting Trichlorfon Use) Notice 2011

Pursuant to section 66 of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 ("HSNO Act"), the Environmental Risk Management Authority issues the following notice.
N o t i c e
1. Title-This notice is the Hazardous Substances (Prohibiting Trichlorfon Use) Notice 2011.
2. Commencement-This notice comes into effect 1 June 2011.
3. Purpose-(1) The purpose of this notice is to prohibit the use of:
(a) emulsion (oil in water) containing 500g/litre trichlorfon (HSNO Approval HSR000204); and
(b) emulsifiable concentrate (micro emulsion) containing 20g/litre cypermethrin and 400g/litre trichlorfon (HSNO Approval HSR000205).
(2) Substances listed in (1) are to be disposed of, at the owner’s expense by 1 June 2011 in accordance with
the controls that applied to that substance immediately
prior to this notice taking effect.
Dated at Wellington this 18th day of April 2011.
HELEN ATKINS, for and on behalf of the Environmental Risk Management Authority.