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Vice Regal
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Rules for the Grant, Use and Retention of the Title "The Right Honourable" in New Zealand

Her Majesty The Queen has approved the following rules for the grant, use and retention of the title "The Right Honourable" in New Zealand:
1. The title "The Right Honourable" (abbreviated to
"The Rt. Hon.") is granted to and may be used and retained for life by those persons who currently hold,
and those persons who after the date of the signing of these rules are appointed to, the following offices:
1.1 The Governor-General
1.2 The Prime Minister
1.3 The Speaker of the House of Representatives
1.4 The Chief Justice
2. Persons who are entitled to use the title The Right Honourable and who are also members of The
Most Honourable Privy Council may use the letters
"PC" after their name to denote such membership.
3. The Prime Minister of New Zealand shall not make any further suggestions to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of persons to be recommended to Her Majesty The Queen for appointment to The Most Honourable Privy Council in the United Kingdom.
4. These rules do not affect the rights and privileges of any New Zealanders who have already been appointed to the Most Honourable Privy Council.
5. Her Majesty The Queen may remove the right of any person referred to in rule 1 to use the title "The Right Honourable", if advised to do so by the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Signed at Wellington this 2nd day of August 2010.
JOHN KEY, Prime Minister.