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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act Notice

I hereby give notice of an application lodged with me for the issue of 28 Computer Freehold Registers to the below-named applicants, pursuant to section 3 of the Land Transfer Amendment Act 1963, for the land described below.
Such Computer Freehold Registers may be issued and existing estates and interests determined unless caveat forbidding that is lodged on or before 11 March 2010.
Application: 8363767.1.
Applicants: David Russell and Patricia Ann Russell, 220 Blairs Road, Cronadun, Reefton.
Description: An estate in fee simple in 11.3066 hectares, being Sections 1-11, 13-15, 19-30, 39-45, 47-50, 59-62 and 69-72 Township of Capleston, part Section 199 Square 131 and Section 200 Square 131, being all of the land contained in Computer Freehold Registers NL4/248, NL4/272, NL4/274-277, NL5/291-293, NL6/84, NL6/162, NL7/166, NL8/20, NL8/298, NL8/299, NL9/15, NL9/16, NL9/112, NL10/148, NL11/137, NL11/139, NL11/141, NL11/150, NL11/151, NL11/214-216, NL14/250, NL26/85 and NL94/30 (Nelson Land District).
The registered proprietors of the above parcels of land are John Griffiths Thomas and Donald McBeath, Ada Lois Wilson
as administrator, John Walker Batt, Francis Decimus Walker, William Brown Archer, Stuart Henry Graham Ferris as
executor, William Goodwin Collings, Boatmans Hydraulic Limited, Emily Hain, Thomas Moynihan, Charles Williams, Frederick William Greaves Archer, Thomas Slattery, Patrick Brennan, William Campbell as executor, Martin Lawrence O’Malley, Frederick William Archer, Ellen McBean, John Arnold, Dennis Quigley, David Hugh Alexander, Matthew (Michael) Twomey, Peter Coghlan, Mary Smith, Catherine McCaffrey, and the land is situated at around Winford, Healy
and Church Streets, Town of Capleston, Reefton. Some of the parcels of land are also subject to mortgages, being mortgage 2158 to the trustees of the Loyal Charleston Lodge of Odd Fellows, mortgage 12519 to William Aloysius Conlon,
mortgage 12520 to Robert Forsyth Bass and Peter Bass, and mortgage 8687 to R & E Tingey and Company Limited.
Dated at the Christchurch Office of Land Information New Zealand this 8th day of January 2010.
H. E. FRISBY, for Registrar-General of Land.