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General Section
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Amendment to the Open Season for Game in Fish and Game Regions

Pursuant to sections 15 and 16 of the Wildlife Act 1953, the Minister of Conservation amends the entry for the Hawke’s Bay Fish and Game Region on page 712 of the "Open Season for Game in Fish and Game Regions" notice, published as a Supplement to the New Zealand Gazette, 10 March 2010, No. 28, page 699, as follows:
Page 712:
Under the heading
"4. Upland Game Properties with Special Conditions"
add the following (after the entry 4.6):
"4.7 Thurlsholm Farm: Lot 1 DP 27353 Blocks VI, VII and X Matapiro Survey District. The 175 hectare property is bounded by Crownthorpe Settlement Road for approximately 500 metres, the A. Burnside property on the north and the Magill Estate on the west. Thurlsholm Farm is owned by Peter Hyslop."
Dated this 21st day of April 2010.
HON KATE WILKINSON, Minister of Conservation.