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Notice of Cancellation of Exemption

Pursuant to Regulation 6 of the Health and Safety in Employment (Pressure Equipment, Cranes, and Passenger Ropeways) Regulations 1999, I, Richard Steel, in exercise of the powers delegated to me by the Secretary of Labour, hereby give notice of cancellation of the exemption*, dated the 25th day of March 2010, from the Regulations, granted to 300 metres of pipeline between Macdonald 4P and Macdonald 6P production wells in Greymouth, subject to the published conditions of the exemption.
The exemption which is subject to this cancellation was published in the New Zealand Gazette, 1 April 2010, No. 39, page 1110.
The effective date of cancellation is the date of publication of this notice.
Dated at Wellington this 21st day of December 2010.
RICHARD STEEL, Manager Technical Support Services, Labour Group.
*New Zealand Gazette, 1 April 2010, No. 39, page 1110