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Call for Waste Advisory Board Nominations

Pursuant to section 93 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 ("the Act"), the Minister for the Environment is seeking nominations for potential Waste Advisory Board members.
Up to two of the eight seats may be filled as two of the board members’ terms are due to end in February 2011.
The function of the board is to provide advice, upon request, to the Minister for the Environment, including advice on:
- products to be declared a "priority product" under the Act (for which an accredited product stewardship scheme will be required);
- guidelines about the contents and expected effects of product stewardship schemes for priority products;
- accrediting a product stewardship scheme not consistent with published guidelines;
- regulations prohibiting the sale of a priority product except in accordance with an accredited scheme;
- regulations in relation to products, materials and waste;
- criteria for approving funding of a project from waste disposal levy funds;
- reviewing the effectiveness of the waste disposal levy;
- regulations in relation to the imposition or rate of the waste disposal levy; and
- regulations in relation to records, information, and reports.
In appointing board members, the Minister must consider the need for the board to have available from its members, knowledge, skill and experience relating to:
- the Waste Minimisation Act 2008;
- matters that are likely to come before the board;
- community projects for waste minimisation;
- industry, including the commercial waste industry;
- local government; and
- tikanga Maori.
It is also desired that board members have knowledge and experience in one or more of:
- product stewardship;
- product life-cycle analysis;
- scientific or technical expertise in the environmental harm of waste from end-of-life products;
- major waste streams in New Zealand;
- international best practice in waste minimisation; and
- organisational governance, strategic planning, senior leadership, or board membership.
The term of the appointment is three years, or any shorter term stated in the notice of appointment.
Board members are entitled to fees as set by the Minister and reimbursement for actual and reasonable expenses.
Please forward nominations to the address below, and include the following information:
- An outline of the reasons for the nomination;
- a summary of the relevant knowledge, skills and experience of the nominee;
- advice on whether the nominee has agreed to their nomination;
- the nominee’s CV and contact details; and
- contact details for three referees.
CVs should include all information as is found on the Cabinet Appointments and Honours Committee CV template available for download at
All nominations will be forwarded to the Minister for the Environment for consideration.
Nominations close at 5.00pm on 16 January 2011.
For further information, refer to the Ministry for the Environment website at
or contact the Business and Communities Team at the Ministry for the Environment on telephone (04) 439 7400 or email
Nominations can be emailed to or posted to Waste Advisory Board nominations, Ministry for the Environment, PO Box 10362, Wellington 6143.