Notice Type
Notice Title

Exemption from Name Restriction

Pursuant to section 22E of the Insurance Companies’ Deposits Act 1953, and acting under delegated authority
of the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Economic Development, I hereby issue an exemption from the restriction in section 22C of the Insurance Companies’ Deposits Act 1953 on the use of the word "Assured" in the proposed company name "Trust Assured Limited".
I am satisfied that Trust Assured Limited will not offer specified insurance business in New Zealand.
I am further satisfied that the proposed company Trust Assured Limited has legitimate reason to use the word "Assured" for the following reasons:
- It is necessary to use the word "Assured" to accurately convey the nature of the business.
- There will be no public confusion from the use of the word "Assured" in the company name.
Dated at Wellington this 7th day of October 2010.
GAVIN ROBERT QUIGAN, Manager, Insurance and Superannuation Unit, Ministry of Economic Development.