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Notice of Revocation of Ministerial Direction Under Section 103 of the Crown Entities Act 2004

The following Ministerial Direction is revoked with effect from 30 June 2010:
- Notice of Revocation and Replacement of Direction to the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Pursuant to Section 103 of the Crown Entities Act 2004 - Stable Funding, dated the 12th day of March 2008 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 27 March 2008, No. 64, page 1861.
To avoid doubt, this revocation is in relation to the Direction set out in the above notice, and does not purport to re-instigate any past Direction revoked in that notice.
Dated this 1st day of June 2010.
HON DR WAYNE MAPP, Minister of Research, Science and Technology.