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Alternative Constitution for the Board of Trustees of Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Wairarapa (1651), Masterton

Pursuant to section 105A of the Education Act 1989
("the Act"), I hereby give the following notice.
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Membership of the Board
1. The board of Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Wairarapa, Masterton will be made up of the following people:
(a) Five parent representatives, one elected by parents of students in each of the whanau groupings;
(b) one staff representative;
(c) the principal, (without voting rights);
(d) one Ministerial appointment;
(e) one Kaitiaki Kaupapa (either elected by the board
or appointed by another organisation by invitation); and
(f) two co-opted members.
Parent Representatives
2. An election for the school’s parent representatives shall be held, with the representatives being nominated and elected in accordance with the following:
(a) Parents of each whanau group (or the equivalent thereof) will elect one representative to the board;
(b) each whanau group (or the equivalent thereof) will represent approximately 1/5 of parents;
(c) the parent-elected trustee does not have to be a parent, but must be a person whom the parents of that whanau agree to act as their representative; and
(d) each parent-elected trustee will be a full member of the board with full voting rights.
3. No person who is employed permanently or temporarily by any of the schools can be a parent representative.
4. Casual vacancies for all trustees will arise in accordance with section 104 of the Act, and be filled in accordance with section 105 of the Act.
5. Elections required under this notice or under the Act
will be carried out under the Election Regulations. For the first election, a returning officer will be appointed by
the commissioner and will carry out the duties in accordance with the Election Regulations.
Staff Representative
6. The staff representative will be elected in accordance with section 97(1) and section 101 of the Act and the Election Regulations.
Principal Membership
7. The principal of the school will be a member of the board but will have no right to exercise a vote.
Appointed Membership
8. The Minister of Education (acting through an authorised representative in the Ministry of Education) will call for nominations for the position of appointed trustee in accordance with the Education (School Trustee Elections) Regulations 2000, with modifications as required. The Minister of Education will consider the nominations and consult with the school community before appointing the trustee.
9. The board of trustees, once elected, may appoint, or may decide to invite another organisation to appoint, one Kaitiaki Kaupapa.
Co-opted Membership
10. Up to two people may be co-opted by the board.
Term of Office
11. The term of office of the trustees on the board and
the process for fixing triennial election dates will be in accordance with sections 101 and 102 of the Act. In addition all applicable provisions under Part 9 of the Act with regard to the election of trustees will apply.
12. Trustees on the first board established under section 105A of the Act take office on the date the commissioner goes out of office. The term of office of the trustees on the first board established under section 105A of the Act will be until the triennial election, 2013, or such other dates as will achieve the requirements of paragraph 11.
13. The provision for staggered elections under sections 101A and 101B of the Act apply to the board.
Changes to the Constitution
14. Changes to the constitution of the board will be subject to the approval of the Minister of Education and must be notified in the New Zealand Gazette.
This notice shall come into force on the day after its notification in the New Zealand Gazette.
Dated at Wellington this 9th day of March 2010.
HON ANNE TOLLEY, Minister of Education.