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Notice of Levy Rates for the 8 Months Ending 30 June 2011

Pursuant to Regulation 8 of the Electricity Industry (Levy of Industry Participants) Regulations 2010 ("Regulations"), the Electricity Authority ("Authority") gives the following notice.
N o t i c e
1. Title-This notice is the Notice of Annual Levy Rates for the 8 Months Ending 30 June 2011.
2. Levy Rates-The Authority has calculated the levy rates for the 8 months ending 30 June 2011 in accordance with Regulation 7 of the Regulations, as follows:
Generators Purchasers Retailers Distributors (including Transpower) Distributors (excluding Transpower) Transpower
Common quality operations $0.1321/MWh $0.1338/MWh $0.0738/MWh
Market operations $0.3905/MWh $0.3953/MWh
Registry and consumer operations $0.4997/ICP $0.4993/ICP
Supply reliability operations $0.5961/MWh
Transmission operations $0.0674/MWh
Electricity efficiency operations $0.3812/MWh
Customer switching fund 1.5082/ICP
Other activities $0.0276/MWh $0.0280/MWh $0.0154/MWh
Establishment costs $0.0177/MWh $0.0180/MWh $0.0099/MWh
Dated at Wellington this 21st day of December 2010.
For and on behalf of the Electricity Authority:
KEVIN LAMPEN-SMITH, General Manager Corporate Services.