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Road Marking - Wide Rural Centreline Trial

Pursuant to subclause 3.4(1) of the Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 ("the Rule") and pursuant to
a sub-delegation to me by the New Zealand Transport Agency, I, Glenn Bunting, Network Manager, hereby authorise the installation and maintenance of alternative markings:
(i) for the purpose described in Schedule 1;
(ii) in the form and layout, set out in Schedule 2;
(iii) at the location stated in Schedule 3;
(iv) for the period specified in Schedule 4; and
(v) subject to the terms and conditions detailed in Schedule 5.
The alternative markings shall be used for the purpose
of evaluating their use and the trial shall be called the
"Wide rural centreline trial".
Schedule 1-Purpose of trial
The purpose of the trial is to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of:
(a) a centreline marking that differs from that specified in paragraphs 7.2(2)(a) of the Rule; and
(b) a no-passing line marking that differs from that specified in clause 7.3(2) of the Rule;
by increasing the marked separation for opposing movement of traffic.
Schedule 2-Form and layout of marking
The markings will be of the following forms:
(a) Centreline
The centreline will consist of:
(i) two, approximately parallel, white broken or continuous single lines not less than 100mm wide and spaced no less than 500mm nor more than 1500mm apart; or
(ii) a no-passing line in the form described in (b).
(b) No-passing line
A no-passing line applies to traffic that normally travels to the left of the line and consists of:
(i) a continuous yellow line not less than 100mm wide that replaces a centreline marking described in (a)(i); preceded by
(ii) a series of yellow dashes each not longer than 15m to inform drivers of the existence of the no-passing line ahead.
The meaning of these markings shall be the same as those ascribed to centreline markings and no-passing line markings described in clauses 7.2 and 7.3 of the Rule and relevant clauses, particularly those within Part 2, of the Land Transport (Road User) Rule.
Schedule 3-Location
The locations approved for this trial are as follows:
State Highway 22, Drury to Glenbrook Road
State Highway 1, south end Waikato Expressway to Huntly
State Highway 1, south end Tamahere Expressway for a distance of 4km southward
State Highway 2, Pokeno to Mangatarata (State Highway 25)
State Highway 3, Hall Road to State Highway 21 Hamilton Airport intersection excluding Rukuhia Village.
Bay of Plenty
State Highway 2, Te Puna to Bethlehem
State Highway 2, Bell Road to Te Puke
State Highway 2, Waitangi to Paengaroa
State Highway 29, Maungatapu Expressway to Welcome Bay roundabout
State Highway 29, Maungatapu to Barkes Corner
State Highway 29, Belk Road to Omanawa Road
State Highway 2, Bay View to Westshore (Napier Airport Road)
State Highway 2, Marine Parade to Awatoto
State Highway 35, Oneroa Road, Wainui Bay to Rutene Road, Gisborne
State Highway 50A, Flaxmere to Longlands Road
State Highway 1, Greenhill Road to Waikanae
State Highway 1, Dawsons Road to Lacombs Road
State Highway 1, Woodend to Pineacres
State Highway 71, Kaiapoi to Rangiora (Lineside Road)
Schedule 4-Period of trial
The trial shall start after the publication of this notice and, unless terminated earlier, end by 30 September 2012.
Schedule 5-Conditions
An evaluation will be undertaken consisting of an analysis as outlined in the proposal received from the Safety Engineer, NZTA, Hamilton dated 16 September 2010 with the title "Rural Median Centreline Traffic Control Devices Trial Application".
Dated at Wellington this 21st day of October 2010.
GLENN BUNTING, Network Manager.