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Notification of Heavy Vehicle Brake Test Requirements at Certificate of Fitness and Entry Certification

Pursuant to Land Transport Rule: Heavy Vehicle Brakes 2006, subclause 2.4(2) (Rule 32015), notification is hereby given that the Mechmesin AFG 500N roller brake machine
roller co-efficient of friction calibration checking device
is approved for use when calibrating roller brake machines as required in the Heavy Vehicle Brake Testing: CoF and Entry Certification Brake Test Protocol and Procedure, Version 5 and subsequent issues as shown in the notice dated the 24th day of December 2008 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 27 November 2008, No. 182, page 4764.
Dated at Wellington this 28th day of May 2010.
STEPHEN ARTHUR BULLOT, Senior Engineer Heavy, Vehicles, New Zealand Transport Agency.