Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Register

Section 328 of the Companies Act 1993
Take notice that the Registrar of Companies proposes to restore the following companies to the Register, on the application of the persons named below, on the grounds that such companies were either carrying on business or some other reason existed for them to remain on the Register or were party to legal proceedings or were in liquidation at the time of removal:
A CAPELLA LIMITED. Applicant: Lynn Price, 174 Morningside Road, Morningside, Whangarei 0110.
ABSOLUTELY TREES LIMITED. Applicant: C. B. Jaques, 210 Wallace Road, RD 9, Hamilton 3289.
ADVANCE SECURITY NZ LIMITED. Applicant: Justine Eyes, PO Box 2106, Wellington 6140.
AFTER HOUR’S ELECTRICAL LIMITED. Applicant: Toney Moon, 112 Holborn Drive, Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt 5019.
ALGER RESOURCES LIMITED. Applicant: Nesita Manceau, PO Box 1487, Port Vila, Vanuatu.
AVIAN PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Alexander Dorrington Lawyers, PO Box 7246, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141.
AZAM HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Rajneil Maharat, 2/62 Titirangi Road, New Lynn, Waitakere 0600.
BOATHAVEN ESTATE LIMITED. Applicant: Foy & Halse Solicitors, 145 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 0629.
BOATZDIRECT (NZ) LIMITED. Applicant: Philip John Hull, 2689 State Highway 10, Kerikeri 0295.
BOD-E-SENSE LIMITED. Applicant: Rachel Ellery, 89 Waitea Road, RD 1, Waimauku, Auckland 0881.
CESAR LIMITED. Applicant: Liu Hung Yi, 46 Cromdale Avenue, Howick, Auckland 2010.
D ALLEN PROJECTS LIMITED. Applicant: David Benjamin Allen, 211B Hibiscus Coast Highway, Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast 0932.
DOUBLE R SOFTDRINKS LIMITED. Applicant: Shaun Pender, 122A Wainoni Road, Christchurch 8061.
EMP-FHM INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Treadwells Barristers and Solicitors, PO Box 859, Wellington 6140.
EPONA PARK LIMITED. Applicant: Chris Jaques, 210 Wallace Road, RD 9, Hamilton 3289.
FINANCIAL DATA PROCESSORS LIMITED. Applicant: David Sorensen, PO Box 8208, Havelock North 4157.
FORTUNE MANNING & CO NOMINEES LIMITED. Applicant: A. M. Fortune, c/o Fortune Manning, PO Box 4139, Auckland 1140.
GELLIDEG LIMITED. Applicant: David Michael Chick, 14A Rata Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8004.
GISBORNE HORTICULTURAL SERVICES LIMITED. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 432, Hamilton 3240.
HEAD START DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Mortlock McCormack Law, PO Box 13474, Christchurch 8141.
JOELENE’S BOUTIQUE LIMITED. Applicant: Nyall Simkin, c/o Shona Devescovi, 207 Gill Street, New Plymouth 4312.
KERED & EVETS LIMITED. Applicant: Derek Pickard, 29 Bond Street, Arch Hill, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021.
LUCKY WEI IMPORT & EXPORT LIMITED. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 432, Hamilton 3240.
MA & DE LIMITED. Applicant: Toni Owen, PO Box 302, Whakatane 3158.
MACK’S TOURS AND TRAVEL LIMITED. Applicant: Sanjay Puri, AD-131, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi - 110 088, India.
MANA MOTEL 2003 LIMITED. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 895, Wellington 6140.
MANAGED SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Emma Skirrow, 85 Woodcocks Road, RD 1, Warkworth 0981.
MATAORA LIMITED. Applicant: Tukoroirangi Ben Morgan, c/o Company Formation Specialists Limited, PO Box 96227, Auckland 1342.
MEDIA PROOF LIMITED. Applicant: Heather Stringer, 133 Beach Haven Road, Beach Haven, Auckland 0626.
MILL HILL LIMITED. Applicant: Lance Hodgkinson, c/o Alastair Matthews, 70A Beach Road, Castor Bay 0620.
MINUIT PRODUCTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Paul Dodge, 233 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington 6021.
MOBILE & TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 432, Hamilton 3240.
NERO LILLY LIMITED. Applicant: Greig & Esterman (Christchurch) Limited, c/o Dallison Stone, PO Box 13166, Christchurch 8141.
ONLINE FINANCE LIMITED. Applicant: Staples Rodway Tauranga, PO Box 743, Tauranga 3140.
ORCHARD FAMILY COMPANY 2006 LIMITED. Applicant: Darren Orchard, c/o Harris Tate, PO Box 1147, Tauranga 3140.
ORMSBY & COX LIMITED. Applicant: Darilyn Cox, 128 Mahoe Street, Hamilton 3206.
OVERSEAS NOVELTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Vladimir Kozak, 39-47 Thomas Peacock Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland 2022.
R & K BETHAM LIMITED. Applicants: Roger Betham and Kelly Betham, 17 Buccaneer Place, Grenada Village, Wellington 6037.
RAINY DAY SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Slater & Company Chartered Accountants, PO Box 659, Hamilton 3240.
RESOLUTIONS MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING LIMITED. Applicant: Eftpos NZ, 69 Tory Street, Wellington 6011.
SORA TRUSTEES LIMITED. Applicant: Yukio Kanematsu, 548-7 Osone, Yashio-shi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
STAR GARAGE LIMITED. Applicant: Robert Alan Francis, PKF Francis Aickin Limited, PO Box 2, Kaitaia 0441.
T K & S T CHIK LIMITED. Applicant: Tony Kay Wai Chik, 60 Reynella Drive, Massey, Auckland 0614.
TANGLIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 1144, Napier 4140.
TRUMPETTE TRUSTEES LIMITED. Applicant: Amelia Joy Moufarrige, 26 Ethel Street, Balgowlah, New South Wales 2093, Australia.
TRYSTAR INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Edward John Birch, PO Box 6576, Dunedin North, Dunedin 9059.
VICKY BEAUTY & HEALTHY MASSAGE CENTRE LIMITED. Applicant: Li Wei Chen, PO Box 11744, Ellerslie, Auckland 1542.
WALLIS AND CO LIMITED. Applicants: Brent Wallis and Nicola Wallis, c/o Tania Roberts, PO Box 4139,
New Plymouth 4340.
WCP INCORPORATION LIMITED. Applicant: Craig Patten, RD 2, Warkworth 0982.
WEBSTOCK LIMITED. Applicant: Brent King, PO Box 106488, Auckland 1143.
WEST COAST CREATIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Ameria Gilbert, 23 Pohutukawa Road, Whenuapai, Auckland 0618.
WORFLYN PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicants: Phillip Worsley and Tamsin Worsley, 11 Grove Road, Devonport, Auckland 0624.
XIE PLANS LIMITED. Applicant: Hongying Qiu, 194A Queen Street, Northcote, Auckland 0627.
Any person who wishes to object must do so by notice to the Registrar at Private Bag 92061, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142, or by facsimile on (09) 916 4559 or by email to by 25 January 2010 (being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice).
Dated at Auckland this 17th day of December 2009.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.