Notice Type
Meetings/Last Dates for Debts & Claims
Notice Title


Notice of Meeting of Creditors
Pursuant to section 243 of the Companies Act 1993, a meeting of the creditors of the above-named company
will be held at Allely House, corner of Old North Road
and State Highway 16, Kumeu, on Friday, 25 September 2009 commencing at 10.30am.
1. Consideration of a statement of position of the company’s affairs together with a list of creditors and
the estimated amount of their claims which will be laid before the meeting.
2. Confirmation of the appointment of the liquidator.
3. Appointment of liquidation committee, pursuant to section 314 of the Companies Act 1993, if thought fit.
4. Other business as the meeting requires.
Dated this 17th day of September 2009.
Address for Service: BWA Insolvency Limited, Insolvency Practitioners, 131 Taupaki Road, Taupaki, Auckland. Telephone: (09) 412 9762. Facsimile: (09) 412 9763.
Enquiries to: Bryan Williams.