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Land Notices
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Reservation of Land, Classification and Appointment of the Rodney District Council to Control and Manage a Reserve

Under the Land Act 1948, the Conservator for the Auckland Conservancy of the Department of Conservation sets apart the land described in the Schedule as a reserve and, under
the Reserves Act 1977, declares the land to be classified
as a local purpose (soil conservation and river control) reserve and appoints the Rodney District Council to
control and manage the reserve for that purpose, subject
to the provisions of the latter Act.
Furthermore, the appointment of the Rodney District Council is subject to the council paying $7284.37 inclusive of GST to the Department of Conservation to enable that department to reimburse Land Information New Zealand
for the sale and disposal costs of the land to be set apart
as a reserve.
If the appointment of the council to control and manage the said reserve, or any part or parts of the reserve, was to be revoked and the reserve returned to the direct management of the Department of Conservation, pursuant to section 28 of the Reserves Act 1977, or if or when the reserve, or any part or parts of the reserve, was ever required for a treaty settlement in terms of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, then the Rodney District Council shall receive compensation for any portion of the reserve removed from its management.
The compensation shall be assessed as though it were an assessment under the provisions of the Public Works Act 1981, or any statutory amendment thereto.
North Auckland Land District—Rodney District
m2 Description
Marked “A” on SO 66700 (Crown land – no registration).
Dated at Auckland this 20th day of May 2009.
(DOC PAA-02-04-92)