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Amendment to Fees in Relation to Quota Management Systems—European Union (EU) Sheepmeat and Goatmeat Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ), EU High Quality Beef TRQ and United States (US) Beef and Veal TRQ

The New Zealand Meat Board has reviewed its existing quota management fee structure for the EU Sheepmeat and Goatmeat TRQ, EU High Quality Beef TRQ and US Beef and Veal TRQ and has determined that manual certification fees payable in respect of these quotas be amended pursuant to section 36 of the Meat Board Act 2004.
A manual certificate fee is payable where a request is made for the issuing of a quota certificate in Wellington, and the request is made otherwise than through the board’s electronic certification system.
The amendments to existing quota certification fees are set out below, and will be effective for all manual certificates with an issue date of 1 January 2010 or later:
$ GST excluded
Certificate Fees (per certificate) EU Sheepmeat and Goatmeat EU High Quality Beef US Beef and Veal
Manual Certificate Fee (Wellington) $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
Electronic Certificate Fee (Wellington) No change No change No change
All other existing quota management fees remain unaffected.
Dated at Wellington this 16th day of November 2009.
A. DOMETAKIS, Board Secretary, New Zealand Meat Board.