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Hawke's Bay Regional Airshed Notice 2009

Pursuant to sections 43 and 360(2) of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Minister for the Environment makes the following notice.
N o t i c e
1. Title and commencement-(1) This notice is the Hawke's Bay Regional Airshed Notice 2009.
(2) This notice comes into force 28 days after the date of notification in the New Zealand Gazette.
2. Airsheds established-(1) The areas described in the Schedule are separate airsheds for the Hawke's Bay region as specified by the Minister for the purposes of the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards Relating
to Certain Air Pollutants, Dioxins, and Other Toxics) Regulations 2004.
(2) Any areas within the Hawke's Bay region which are not covered by the separate airsheds described in this notice form a single airshed for that region.
3. Revocation-The Hawke's Bay Regional Airshed Notice 2005, published in the New Zealand Gazette,
25 August 2005, No. 141, page 3430, is revoked.
Dated at Wellington this 3rd day of October 2009.
HON DR NICK SMITH, Minister for the Environment.
Airshed Name Description
1. Napier SO 391819
2. Hastings SO 391819
3. Whirinaki SO 391819
4. Awatoto SO 391819