Notice Type
Notice Title

Declaration of Major Maritime Event

Pursuant to section 200A(1) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and on the application of the Auckland Regional Council, I declare the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series 2009 to be an event to which section 200B of the Maritime Transport Act 1994 applies for the period 30 January 2009 to
14 February 2009 inclusive.
Designated Area
The designated area to which this declaration applies comprises the following areas of Auckland Harbour:
General Designated Area
The area bounded in the north by an approximate east/west boundary between the north end of Takapuna Beach and Rangitoto Island around to an approximate north/south line from the Marine Rescue Centre to the North Shore.
Between Rangitoto Island and Bastion Point the boundary passes to the north of Bean Rock lighthouse.
The exact positions of the boundary points for the area to which this declaration applies are set out below.
A map depicting the positions of the boundary points is available on the Auckland Regional Council website at
Boundary Point Latitude Longitude
A 36 46.456 S 174 48.732 E
B 36 46.660 S 174 49.782 E
C 36 46.911 S 174 49.339 E
D 36 47.114 S 174 49.390 E
E 36 47.289 S 174 49.616 E
F 36 47.411 S 174 49.659 E
G Special Mark, Coastguard Bay 36 47.505 S 174 49.836 E
H 36 47.693 S 174 49.989 E
I 36 47.804 S 174 50.183 E
J 36 48.250 S 174 50.282 E
K 36 48.347 S 174 50.357 E
L 36 48.563 S 174 50.844 E
M 36 48.545 S 174 51.295 E
N Bean Rock 36 49.995 S 174 49.872 E
O 36 50.510 S 174 49.605 E
P 36 50.661 S 174 48.885 E
Q 36 50.854 S 174 47.935 E
R 36 50.720 S 174 47.299 E
S 36 50.050 S 174 47.289 E
T 36 50.029 S 174 47.777 E
U Devonport Yacht
Club Jetty 36 49.885 S 174 48.220 E
V 36 49.799 S 174 48.400 E
W 36 49.820 S 174 48.601 E
X 36 49.766 S 174 48.777 E
Y 36 49.608 S 174 48.884 E
Z 36 49.524 S 174 48.891 E
AA 36 49.145 S 174 48.692 E
BB 36 48.892 S 174 48.508 E
CC 36 48.607 S 174 48.024 E
DD 36 48.210 S 174 47.965 E
EE 36 48.045 S 174 47.820 E
FF 36 47.967 S 174 47.534 E
GG 36 47.808 S 174 47.251 E
HH 36 47.259 S 174 46.619 E
Race Course Areas
Within the general designated area defined above there are four possible race courses.
Each course is diamond shaped and 1.54 nautical miles long and 1.54 nautical miles wide.
The exact positions of the boundary points for each course will vary as courses will be rotated depending on the wind direction on race day.
The centre points from which each course will be rotated are as follows:
Course Centre Point – Latitude Centre Point – Longitude
Blue 36 47.445 S 174 48.396 E
Green 36 48.475 S 174 49.324 E
Red 36 49.465 S 174 49.659 E
Black 36 50.319 S 174 48.352 E
Conditions and Requirements
General Designated Area
The following conditions and requirements must be complied with in the general designated area:
1. All vessels not subject to an exemption issued by
the Auckland Regional Council’s Harbourmaster are restricted to a maximum speed of 12 knots;
2. no vessel may approach within 100 metres of any regatta yacht;
3. recreational and smaller commercial craft may transit the general area to which the application applies (excluding any race course in use) freely when entering or leaving the harbour or observing the racing from a safe distance; and
4. the wake provisions of the Auckland Regional Council Navigation Safety bylaw 3.25 will apply at all times. This may mean that recreational vessels will need to reduce their speed below the 12 knot maximum to comply in the vicinity of the race course in use.
Race Course Areas
The race course to be used on any given day will be publicly announced on an appropriate designated VHF channel, and
other associated VHF sports channels.
The boundaries of the course in use will generally be marked by buoys and anchored launches with flags. Specific details of boundary markings will be publicly announced via a supplement published in the New Zealand Herald prior to the regatta. Additional supplements will also be available
to the public.
The following conditions and requirements must be complied with inside the race course areas:
1. Only competing yachts, vessels used by the race committee, umpires and marshals, emergency vessels and vessels accredited by the event organisers or
the Auckland Regional Council’s Harbourmaster may navigate within the race course area during the period of racing operations for that day;
2. scheduled ferry services transiting the race area will, when necessary, and in agreement with the operating companies, be routed around the designated race areas for the day; and
3. all vessels must be navigated in accordance with Maritime Rule Part 22: Collision Prevention.
Other Conditions and Requirements
When the red course is in use, all vessels must remain outside the lines of yellow Harbourmaster buoys that will demark the boundaries of the red course and areas of shallow water.
In all areas defined above the Auckland Regional Council may:
1. order the suspension or abandonment of racing operations if, in the opinion of the Auckland Regional Council’s Harbourmaster, adequate levels of public safety cannot be guaranteed. This power will be exercised in consultation with the New Zealand Police, the event organiser and Ports of Auckland Limited.
2. specify and vary conditions and requirements for the day-to-day management and conduct of activities within each area, for the purpose of protecting the safety of the public and competing yachts.
On race days, the co-ordination and management of commercial shipping in Waitemata Harbour will be conducted jointly between the Auckland Regional
Council’s Harbourmaster; the Race Committee; and the Shipping Operations Supervisor and Senior Pilot, Ports of Auckland Limited, to minimise any potential conflict between commercial shipping and operations surrounding the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series.
Racing may be delayed on occasions to allow the normal transit of commercial shipping and naval vessels to and from the Port of Auckland.
Hours of Operation
General hours of operation for the areas to which this declaration applies are 0700 to 1900 hours (New Zealand Daylight Time) for the entire period from 30 January 2009 to 14 February 2009 inclusive.
These hours are subject to change and will be determined on a daily basis and notified to the public in advance.
The specific hours of operation will be announced on public broadcasting and marine communication channels.
Means of Enforcement
Compliance with the above conditions and requirements will be enforced by authorised enforcement officers, as defined in section 200B(6) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994.
Under section 200B(5) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, any person in charge of a ship, craft or seaplane who contravenes this notice commits an infringement offence and is liable to the relevant penalty prescribed in the Maritime Transport (Infringement Fees for Offences Relating to Major Maritime Events) Regulations 1999.
Application to Enforcement Officers
Enforcement officers are exempt from the rules or conditions contained in this notice where necessary to execute their duties, but must at all times navigate in accordance with Maritime Rule Part 22: Collision Prevention.
I make this declaration in accordance with the requirements set out in section 200A(3) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994.
Dated at Wellington this 16th day of January 2009.
STEVEN JOYCE, Minister of Transport.