Notice Type
General Notices
Notice Title

Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Goods

Pursuant to Section 156(1) of the Property Law Act 2007
In the matter of Auckland Luge Limited (in receivership), and in the matter of the mortgage over goods
("the security agreement") dated the 30th day of July 2007 over the following assets ("the collateral"):
(a) Luge Carts; and
(b) Transport Belts/Skicarpets S/Ns:
(i) 1642200707046;
(ii) 1642200707047;
(iii) 1642200707048; and
(iv) 1642200707049.
Blackbird Finance Limited ("the mortgagee" under
the security agreement) gives notice that on Thursday,
12 November 2009, the mortgagee took possession of the collateral, which is subject to the security interest that:
(a) was created or provided for in the security agreement; and
(b) was perfected on 30 July 2007 at 9.19am.
The address to which communications relating to the collateral may be addressed is the registered office of
the mortgagee, at Level 2, Heards Building, 168 Parnell Road, Auckland (Attention: Phil Heath).