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General Notices
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Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Property

To: Ruby Bay Developments Limited, c/o Baldry & Sanford Limited, 76 Forge Road, Silverdale, Auckland.
In the matter of the Property Law Act 2007, and in the matter of mortgage 7719519.1 (Nelson Land Registry) from Ruby Bay Developments Limited ("the mortgagor") to Bypass Farm Limited ("the mortgagee"):
Notice is given as follows:
1. On 16 November 2009, Bypass Farm Limited
("the mortgagee" under the mortgage 7719519.1
(Nelson Land Registry)) entered into the mortgaged property.
2. The address of the mortgagee is care of Glasgow Harley, 38 Halifax Street, Nelson 7010.
3. The description of the mortgaged property is all of the land in certificates of title NL65/53, NL13C/305 and NL13C/309 (Nelson Land Registry) containing 141.3 hectares and situated between Old Coach Road and Awa Awa Road, Tasman, Nelson.
Dated this 16th day of November 2009.
Executed by Bypass Farm Limited ("as mortgagee") by two of its directors:
T. B. HARLEY and D. A. EARLE, Directors.