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Organic Peroxides, Toxic [6.1], Corrosive Group Standard Notice 2009

Pursuant to section 96B(1) of the Hazardous Substances
and New Organisms Act 1996 (“the HSNO Act”),
the Environmental Risk Management Authority (“ERMA New Zealand”) gives notice that a Group Standard is amended.
N o t i c e
1. Title—(1) This notice is the Organic Peroxides, Toxic [6.1], Corrosive Group Standard Notice 2009.
2. Commencement—This notice comes into force 28 days after the date of its notification in the New Zealand Gazette.
3. Incorporation by Reference—The Organic Peroxides, Toxic [6.1], Corrosive Group Standard 2009 with HSNO Approval Number HSR100055 (“the Group Standard”)
is incorporated by reference into this notice.
4. Background—(1) The aim of the Group Standard is
to more effectively manage the risks of toxic, corrosive, organic peroxides by approving these substances within a short timeframe. This is in contrast to the considerably longer timeframe that would be required to approve
the substances under Part 5 of the HSNO Act. The Group Standard allows similar types of substances to be given
the same approval thereby facilitating the introduction of new products into the Group Standard.
(2) The hazard classifications referred to in this notice
are set out in the Hazardous Substances (Classification) Regulations 2001.
5. Scope of Group Standard—(1) A substance covered
by the Group Standard must be:
(a) an organic peroxide (HSNO 5.2B, 5.2C, 5.2D, 5.2E, 5.2F or 5.2G classification); and
(b) an acute toxicant (HSNO 6.1B or 6.1C classification); and
(c) a skin corrosive (HSNO 8.2B or 8.2C classification).
(2) In addition to the hazards referred to in subclause (1), a substance may have any of the following (but only the following) hazards:
(a) aspiration hazard;
(b) metallic corrosivity, HSNO 8.1A classification;
(c) eye corrosivity, HSNO 8.3A classification;
(d) eye irritancy, HSNO 6.4A classification;
(e) respiratory sensitisation, HSNO 6.5A classification;
(f) contact sensitisation, HSNO 6.5B classification;
(g) mutagenicity, HSNO 6.6A or 6.6B classification;
(h) reproductive toxicity, HSNO 6.8A, 6.8B or 6.8C classification;
(i) target organ toxicity, HSNO 6.9A or 6.9B classification;
(j) ecotoxicity, HSNO class 9.
(3) This Group Standard excludes:
(a) pesticide actives and formulated pesticide products; and
(b) veterinary medicine actives and formulated veterinary medicine products.
(4) No substance shall be permitted under this Group Standard if it contains a chemical that is a mutagen or reproductive toxicant that is not listed on the Inventory
of Chemicals, unless:
(a) the new mutagen or reproductive toxicant is
used to completely replace an existing mutagen or reproductive toxicant in the substance; and
(b) the new mutagen or reproductive toxicant has a lower hazard classification than the existing mutagen or reproductive toxicant; and
(c) clause 22 of Schedule 1 is complied with.
(5) Despite clause 22, Schedule 1 of the Group Standard,
no substance shall be permitted under this Group Standard
if it is a hazardous chemical that is not listed on the Inventory of Chemicals.
(6) For the purposes of subclause (5), “chemical” means
any element or compound in its natural state or obtained
by any production process, including any impurities and
any additive necessary to preserve the stability of the chemical, but excluding any solvent which may be separated without affecting the stability of the chemical or change its composition.
6. Conditions of Group Standard—The obligations and restrictions set out in Schedules 1–3 of the Group Standard apply to the substances by way of conditions.
7. Availability—The Group Standard, Schedules and any information incorporated by reference may be:
(a) inspected free of charge during normal business hours at the ERMA New Zealand office; or
(b) purchased from ERMA New Zealand; or
(c) viewed at
ERMA New Zealand contact details:
BP House
20 Customhouse Quay
(PO Box 131)
Telephone: (04) 916 2426
Facsimile: (04) 914 0433
Dated at Wellington this 25th day of September 2009.
For and on behalf of the Environmental Risk Management Authority: