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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Airworthiness Directives

Pursuant to section 72I(3A) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, I, Owen Olls, Airworthiness Specialist, acting under a delegation from the Director of Civil Aviation, hereby issue the following airworthiness directives in respect of aircraft or aeronautical products.
These airworthiness directives will come into force on 27 August 2009:
DCA/MU2B-30/1 DCA/MU2B-30/2 DCA/MU2B-30/3 DCA/MU2B-30/4
DCA/MU2B-30/5 DCA/MU2B-30/6 DCA/MU2B-30/7 DCA/MU2B-30/8
DCA/MU2B-30/9 DCA/MU2B-30/10 DCA/MU2B-30/11 DCA/MU2B-30/12
DCA/MU2B-30/13 DCA/MU2B-30/14 DCA/PA24/101B DCA/RAD/28A
These emergency airworthiness directives came into force on the following dates:
DCA/GD/23 1 August 2009
DCA/GD/24 3 August 2009
DCA/GD/25 3 August 2009
DCA/BELL206/105 13 August 2009
DCA/BELL222/23 13 August 2009
DCA/BELL407/48 13 August 2009
This emergency airworthiness directive will come into force on the following date:
DCA/AIR/25 1 September 2009
Airworthiness directives may be viewed on the CAA website ( or at Aviation House, 10 Hutt Road, Petone.
Dated this 25th day of August 2009.
OWEN OLLS, Airworthiness Specialist.