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Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Statutory Specification - Land Transfer Act 1952

Section 240C(c) of the Land Transfer Act 1952 permits the Registrar-General of Land to specify a facsimile address for a class of notice to be given to him.
I hereby specify the facsimile addresses listed in the following table for the purpose of notices to be given pursuant to sections 145(1) and 145A(3) of the Land Transfer Act 1952.
When a person sends by facsimile a notice of the kind referred to below, to either of the numbers specified below, that notice will be taken to be delivered at the time indicated on the record of its transmission, in accordance with section 240D(1)(b) of the Land Transfer Act 1952.
Statute and Sections Nature of Provision
Land Transfer Act 1952
section 145(1)(a) or
section 145A(3)(a) Notice that an application has been made to the High Court for an order to prevent lapse of a caveat
Land Transfer Act 1952
section 145(1)(b) or
section 145A(3)(b) Notice serving a copy of a High Court order sustaining a caveat
Facsimile Addresses Facsimile Numbers
Christchurch Processing Centre
Hamilton Processing Centre (03) 366 6422
(07) 858 5488
This notice takes effect on the date of its publication.
R. W. MUIR, Registrar-General of Land.