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Land Notices
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Classification of Reserves—Te Awamutu, Waipa District

Pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977, the Waipa District Council hereby gives notice that the reserves described in the Schedule hereto are classified for recreation purposes, subject to the provisions of the said Act.
South Auckland Land District—Waipa District
Area m2 Description Name
6380 Lot 33 DP S40699 (formerly part certificates of title 515/35 and 16C/697). Greenough Reserve
7936 Lot 6 DP S30480 (formerly part certificate of title 771/139). Picquet Hill (unnamed) Reserve
2205 Lot 75 DP S30764 (formerly part certificates of title 18D/1314, 25C/286 and 25C/287). Hiskins Place Reserve
802 Lot 75 DP S40622 (formerly part certificate of title 32B/552). Hiskins Place Reserve
1.8551 Lot 1 DP S30480 (formerly part certificate of title 771/139). Pekerau Reserve
817 Lot 4 DP S29672 (formerly part certificate of title 20A/234). Chatsfield Drive Reserve
1194 Lot 30 DP S60172 (formerly part certificate of title 51B/911). Chatsfield Drive Reserve
2863 Part Lot 30 DP S4416 (originally part certificate of title 1115/81). McNair Park
4625 Lot 5 DP S54612 (formerly part certificates of title 39A/277 and 39A/278). Turere Park
656 Lot 7 DP S62820 (all Computer Freehold Register SA51A/639). Huntaway Downs
521 Part Lot 2 DP 7014 (all Computer Freehold Register SA16C/500). Teasdale Street Reserve
1001 Part Lot 1 DP 7014 (all Computer Freehold Register SA15C/717). Teasdale Street Reserve
63 Lot 3 DP S16579 (all Computer Freehold Register SA20B/1052). Teasdale Street Reserve
1012 Lot 8 DP S1632 (all Computer Freehold Register SA1082/176). Memorial Park
4932 Lot 5 DP S1632 (all Computer Freehold Register SA1200/118). Memorial Park
1.6314 Lot 7 DP S1632 (all Computer Freehold Register SA1097/217). Memorial Park
1518 Lot 21 DP 35863 (formerly part certificate of title 759/288). Bridges 2000 – Sculpture Park
Dated at Te Awamutu this 15th day of August 2008.
JOHN CHARLES INGLIS, Chief Executive, Waipa District Council.
(WAIPA 90-02-44 S162A)