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General Section
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Amendments to the Betting Rules

Pursuant to section 52 of the Racing Act 2003, the New Zealand Racing Board hereby gives notice of the following amendments to the Betting Rules, published as a Supplement to the New Zealand Gazette, 25 August 2003, No. 113, page 2981.
Change #1
Amended definitions in Rule 10.10.1 as follows:
10.10.1 Interpretation
“Commingling Partner” means one of the totalisator organisations conducting commingling.
“Guest” is the Commingling Partner that is betting into the pool on races being held in the Host jurisdiction.
“Host” is the Commingling Partner that is operating the races that the Guest is betting on.
“Merged pool” means the betting pool that has the investment and betting pool totals from Commingling Partner(s) included in it.
“Separate pool” means a betting pool that may not include all of the investment totals from the Commingling Partner(s).
Change #2
Rule 10.10.2(a) is amended to:
10.10.2 Commingling as Host
(a) The New Zealand Racing Board may act as a Host Commingling Partner.
Change #3
New Rule 10.10.2(b) as follows:
10.10.2 Commingling as Host
(b) Commingling Partners that may Guest into the New Zealand Racing Board Merged pool are listed
in Rule 10.10.5.
Change #4
Rule 10.10.4 is amended to:
10.10.4 Commingling emergency procedures
(a) The Board may separate its betting pool from the Commingling Partner after commingling of the pool has already commenced. The circumstances where this could happen include, but are not limited to, computer system or telecommunication failure.
(b) If a betting pool is separated in these circumstances, the Board will declare the dividend calculated on the value of the total investments made with the Board and may not include any value of investments notified by the Commingling Partner.
Change #5
Rule 10.10.5 is amended to:
10.10.5 Commingling Partners
(a) Tabcorp Manager Pty Limited. For Tabcorp (Victoria) specific commingling betting rules
refer to APPENDIX 5.
(b) Scientific Games Racing LLC.
(c) Phumelela Gold Enterprises.
These Rules come into force on 8 September 2008.
Full copies of the Betting Rules may be inspected free of charge at TAB offices, downloaded from the New Zealand Racing Board internet site
or may be purchased from the New Zealand Racing Board, PO Box 38899, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045.
Dated at Wellington this 28th day of August 2008.
GRAEME HANSEN, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Racing Board.