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Te Wharekura o Tauranga Moana, Tauranga, Establishment

Pursuant to sections 146 and 156 of the Education Act 1989, I hereby give the following notice.
N o t i c e
1. This notice may be cited as Te Wharekura o Tauranga Moana, Tauranga, Establishment.
2. This notice shall come into force the day after its publication in the New Zealand Gazette.
3. I hereby establish in Tauranga, a Years 7-13
co-educational secondary school called Te Wharekura
o Tauranga Moana and designate the school as a
designated character school.
4. Te Wharekura o Tauranga Moana will operate with the following aims, purposes and objectives which will together constitute its designated character:
(i) Te Wharekura o Tauranga Moana will provide a unique educational opportunity for its rohe encompassing the iwi of Tauranga Moana in all aspects of its operation. To this end it will require
all staff and curriculum of the school to implement the aims, purposes and objectives set out in the school's charter.
(ii) The kaupapa of the school will stem from the iwi belonging to Tauranga Moana. Principles of kaupapa Maori will permeate all aspects of the school, impacting on how the school's governing body will operate, the way in which teaching programmes
will be designed and implemented, and how the students will be treated.
(iii) Te Wharekura o Tauranga Moana will offer an education that is based on whanaungatanga principles, with bilingual and bicultural staff that have relevant expertise, qualifications and experience and are knowledgeable about Maoritanga and can incorporate it into their work.
(iv) The history and tikanga of Tauranga Moana will be integrated into the educational programmes.
(v) Children with tribal affiliations outside Tauranga Moana will be welcomed and encouraged into the school. The kawa and tikanga of other tribal groups will be respected.
(vi) The school will have a Maori language immersion programme operating from Year 7 to Year 13. There may be English medium programmes in addition
to ensure that students are well prepared for the English language environment they may move into on leaving school.
(vii) Kaupapa Maori governing principles and values
will operate in the wharekura. These principles and values are manaakitanga (caring), wairuatanga (spirituality), matauranga (knowledge acquisition), hauora (physical wellbeing), mana (respect and dignity) and te reo Maori. Te reo Maori will
be considered to be one of the most important principles because it forms the basis (putaketanga) of the Maori culture.
Constitution of the Establishment Board of Trustees
5. The Board of Trustees of Te Wharekura o Tauranga Moana shall be comprised of:
(a) five people appointed by the Minister of Education;
(b) the principal or principal designate; and
(c) not more than four people co-opted by the board.
Signed at Wellington this 19th day of June 2008.
HON CHRIS CARTER, Minister of Education.
Explanatory Note
This note is not part of the notice but is intended to indicate its general effect.
Te Wharekura o Tauranga Moana will become operational on 28 January 2010.