Notice Type
Cessation of Business in New Zealand
Notice Title

Queensland Magnesia Pty Limited

Notice of Intention to Cease to Carry on Business in
New Zealand
Company No.: 1282329
Notice is hereby given that the company intends to cease to carry on business in New Zealand and proposes to apply
to the Registrar of Companies, pursuant to section 341(1) of the Companies Act 1993, for the removal of Queensland Magnesia Pty Ltd from the New Zealand Overseas Register.
Unless written objection to such removal is sent or delivered to the Registrar at Auckland within three months from the date of this notice, the Registrar may remove the company from the Register.
Dated this 1st day of May 2008.
The Address and Telephone Number to Which, During Normal Business Hours, Enquiries May be Directed by a Creditor or Member: Staples Rodway Limited, Chartered Accountants, PO Box 3899, Auckland. Telephone: (09) 309 0463.