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Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004-Traffic Signs (November 2008)

Pursuant to subclause 4.4(4) of Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004, and under authority delegated to me, I, Lyndon Hammond, Manager Networks, New Zealand Transport Agency, authorise the installation and maintenance of the signs described in the Schedule to this notice.
R6-40 No camping
No camping at any time in the area designated by the sign.
Shape and Size: Rectangle 600 x 800mm
Background: White (R)
Border: Red (R) 30mm
Description Colour Size
"circle" with Red (R) diameter 400mm border 40mm
"diagonal bar" superimposed on Red (R) bar 30mm wide
"symbol A20-S5" (symbol of tent
above a caravan)
above Black 240 x 300mm
"NO" Red (R) 50/7.7
"CAMPING" Red (R) 50/7.7
Example R5-8
"No camping" sign

R5-9 Heavy vehicle - bridge limits
Replace the existing description for R5-9 with the following:
Restrictions for heavy vehicles on a bridge - axle weight, or gross weight or speed. One "panel" used for each limit.
Panel 2 of the sign may show any of the figures "30", "40", "50", "60", "70", "80" or "90" followed by "% of Class I", in which case the maximum sum of any 2 or more adjacent axles shall not exceed the stated percentage of the maximum sums of axle mass described in Tables 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 of Schedule 2 of the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2002.
Shape and Size: Rectangle
1000 x 650mm (one panel)
1000 x 775mm (two panels)
1000 x 900mm (three panels)
Background: White (R)
Border: Red (R) 25mm
Description Colour Size
"HEAVY VEHICLE" Black 100/12.5
"BRIDGE LIMITS" Black 100/14
Panel 1:
"AXLES [weight] kg" Black "kg" 50/10 others 75/11.5
Panel 2:
"GROSS [percent] %
OF CLASS I" Black "GROSS" 75/11.5
others 75/9.5
Panel 3:
"SPEED [speed] km/h" Black "km/h" 50/10 others 75/11.5
A11-6 Tsunami evacuation route
Advises which route to follow in the event a warning of
a tsunami is given.
Shape and Size: Rectangle 400 x 500mm
Background: Blue (R)
Border: White (R) 15mm
Description Colour Size
"tsunami evacuation route" symbol comprised of a "wave" and the words "TSUNAMI EVACUATION ROUTE" within
a circle above White (R) 300mm diameter circle
"car" symbol beside White (R) 150 x 70mm
"arrow" aligned appropriately White (R) shaft 20mm
Example A11-6
"Tsunami evacuation route" sign

Dated at Wellington this 18th day of November 2008.
LYNDON HAMMOND, Manager Networks.
Note: The dimensions, descriptions and terms contained in this notice conform to the opening notes of Schedule 1, Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004.