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Notice for the Matters to be Included in a Plan Summary-Education (Matters That an Organisation That Has a Plan Must Include in a Plan Summary) Notice 2008

Pursuant to section 159YO(1) of the Education Act
1989 ("the Act"), the Tertiary Education Commission
("the TEC") gives the following notice:
N o t i c e
1. Title-This notice may be cited as the Education (Matters That an Organisation That Has a Plan Must Include in a Plan Summary) Notice 2008.
2. Commencement-This notice applies from the date of its publication and remains in force until such time it is revoked and replaced.
3. Introduction-Subsection 159YO(1) of the Act requires the TEC to prescribe and give public notice of the matters that an organisation that has a Plan must include in a Plan summary.
4. Subsection 159YO(2) of the Act states an organisation that has a Plan must ensure that:
(a) a Plan summary is available for inspection by the public; and
(b) copies of that Plan summary may be obtained either at no cost or no more than a reasonable cost; and
(c) the Plan summary contains the matters prescribed under subsection (1).
5. Plan summary content requirements-The following parts of a Plan must be made available for public inspection with the proviso that an organisation may exclude information that might otherwise be withheld in accordance with the Official Information Act 1982:
(i) Plan Context (this section establishes the framework for the rest of the Plan)
Outline of the particular factors the organisation has considered and intends to respond to in its agreed Plan, including:
- Government priorities in the Tertiary Education Strategy 2007-12 (TES) including the distinctive contribution expected of the type of organisation;
- needs and priorities of students and other stakeholders; and
- areas for organisational capability development (including those for the delivery of quality education and research).
The organisation's role within the tertiary education system including:
- brief statements on the organisation's core purpose and local, regional, industry or national fit, including any shifts required to achieve these.
(ii) Three-year Outlook
Planned activity for the three-year period to address the factors identified in the Plan Context including:
- outcomes the organisation intends to achieve;
- initiatives, including capability development, that will be undertaken to achieve those outcomes;
- a description of other tertiary education programmes not funded by the TEC; and
any other key changes in core activities.
(iii) Summary of Activity
Information on delivery over the period of the agreed Plan including:
- Student Achievement Component (SAC) or Industry Training Fund student numbers by National Qualification Award Level (1-10);
- planned activities, programmes and student numbers for other TEC-funded activities and programmes;
- total TEC funding agreed; and
- planned student numbers in more detail if requested.
(iv) Key Performance Indicators
Measures used in evaluating performance against the agreed Plan, including:
- outcome commitments for the key performance indicators in relation to TES priorities and the key shifts expected of each type of organisation in the TES; and
- other organisational outcome commitments for initiatives and changes in the Three-year Outlook.
Dated at Wellington this 14th day of April 2008.
JANICE SHINER, Chief Executive, Tertiary Education Commission.