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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Declaring State Highway to be Limited Access Road

—Hamilton Region
It is notified that Transit New Zealand, by resolution dated the 7th day of November 2007, pursuant to section 88(1)
of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, hereby declares the parts of State highway described in the Schedule hereto,
and as more particularly shown on plans LA 23/77/1 and LA 23/78/1 and accompanying Schedules held in the office of the Regional Manager, Transit New Zealand, Hamilton Region, Hamilton, and there available for public inspection, to be limited access roads.
1. The section of State Highway 36 in Western Bay of Plenty District commencing at the junction with
Joyce Street (Route Position 2/0.00) and proceeding generally in a south-east direction to Ohaupara Stream Bridge (Route Position 13/15.90); a distance of 27.065 kilometres.
2. The section of State Highway 36 in Rotorua District, commencing at Ohaupara Stream Bridge (Route
Position 28/0.00) and proceeding generally south-east
to Ngongataha Roundabout (Route Position 28/18.63);
a distance of 18.63 kilometres.
Signed at Wellington this 11th day of February 2008.
J. H. VAN BARNEVELD, Chief Executive, Transit
New Zealand.