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Opportunity – The Training Organisation

Pursuant to section 5 of the Industry Training Act 1992, full recognition is given to Opportunity – The Training Organisation Charitable Trust (trading as Opportunity – The Training Organisation) for a period of five years with effect from 21 October 2007 to set standards at Levels 1 to 8 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for the power crane industry, the power-operated elevating work platform industry, and the scaffolding, rigging and industrial rope access industries.
The full description of Opportunity – The Training Organisation’s coverage is as follows:
? Power crane industry – the operation of all forms of cranes including mobile, crawler, tower, truck mounted, travelling gantry, and overhead cranes, container and harbour cranes, crane site supervision and the rigging and slinging of loads.
? Power-operated elevating work platform industry – the operation, maintenance, preparation for transportation (loading/unloading) and regular inspection of all types of power-operated elevating work platforms. Power-operated elevating work platforms are platforms where the height of the platform may be adjusted by powered means using articulation, scissors mechanism, telescoping boom or tower, or any combination of these, and which are either vehicle-mounted, self-propelled, towed or manually moved, to provide access to work above or below ground level. It includes personnel buckets temporarily or permanently attached to truck hoists. This code is not intended to cover the following:
– Fork lift trucks with working platforms;
– cages or platforms attached to crane hooks;
– personnel buckets temporarily attached to a mobile crane;
– suspended scaffolds;
– emergency vehicles or fire services vehicles (as defined by the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004) used for the purpose of rescue or fire fighting; and
– building maintenance units.
? Scaffolding, rigging and industrial rope access industries.
Dated at Wellington this 28th day of February 2008.
PETE HODGSON, Minister for Tertiary Education.