Notice Type
Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Notice Title

Holloway Limited, Miden Construction NZ Limited, Petkovden Company Limited, Builders by Design Limited and TNT Building Developments Limited

Notice of Appointment of Liquidators
Kenneth Peter Brown and Thomas Lee Rodewald were appointed joint and several liquidators of the companies on the dates and times below:
7 July 2008
Holloway Limited at 8.30am.
Miden Construction NZ Limited at 3.50pm.
8 July 2008
Petkovden Company Limited at 10.25am.
Builders by Design Limited at 11.45am.
TNT Building Developments Limited at 4.50pm.
K. P. BROWN, Joint Liquidator.
Address of Liquidators: C/o Rodewald Hart Brown Limited, 127 Durham Street (PO Box 13380), Tauranga. Telephone: (07) 571 6280. Website: