Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Register

Section 328 of the Companies Act 1993
Take notice that the Registrar of Companies proposes to restore the following companies to the Register, on the application of the persons named below, on the grounds that such companies were either carrying on business or some other reason existed for them to remain on the Register or were party to legal proceedings or were in liquidation at the time of removal:
AKA Financial Solutions Limited. Applicant: Alan Borthwick, 42 Winston Street, Chartwell, Wellington.
AMH Staffing Pty Limited. Applicant: Pui Lin Ho, c/o Hyatt Regency Limited, Room 385, corner of Waterloo Quadrant and Princes Street, Auckland.
AWD Limited. Applicant: Terry Arnold Lee, Private Bag 300987, Albany, North Shore City.
Baker Investment Properties Limited. Applicant: Brendon Baker, 1/114 Gowing Drive, Meadowbank, Auckland.
Cafe N Ate Limited. Applicant: S. Johnston Limited, PO Box 50254, Porirua.
Canard Investments Limited. Applicant: John Bertie, c/o 16 Cotswold Close, St Johns Wood, Wanganui.
Chelsea Park Property Limited. Applicant: Michael Pirovich, 18 Castor Bay Road, North Shore City 0620.
Clark Precast Limited. Applicant: Duns Limited, PO Box 2056, Christchurch.
Concorde Travel New Zealand Limited. Applicant: Mario Di Fiore, PO Box 155212, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1104.
Dawne Parade Limited. Applicant: Dawne Kelleher, c/o Fanselows, PO Box 25001, Wellington 6146.
Eastcoast Scooters Limited. Applicant: Brent Millar, 37 Birchfield Avenue, Dallington, Christchurch.
Elevation Holdings Limited. Applicant: Graham Innes, 9 Westerleigh Street, Bishopdale, Christchurch.
Enterprise Solutions Limited. Applicant: Helen Hall, Unit H, Building 2, 5 Ceres Court, Mairangi Bay, North Shore City.
Evita Trustee Limited. Applicant: Lim Sim Qiu, 120 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland.
Four IIII Limited. Applicant: Norman Meehan, 19 Milne Terrace, Island Bay, Wellington.
GB Accounting Services Limited. Applicant: Gillian Bosley, 48A Hart Road, Takapuna, Auckland.
Gilson Microscopy Limited. Applicant: Peter Broadley, 36 Cleary Street, Lower Hutt.
Harker Equipment Rental Limited. Applicant: Michael Harker, PO Box 300490, Albany.
Icage Limited. Applicant: Mark Mellsop, c/o Cuff Booth Ross Limited, PO Box 325, Hokitika.
Ireni’s Pita Limited. Applicant: Scott Williams, PO Box 11783, Ellerslie, Auckland.
JJ Mills Limited. Applicant: Gary Mills, c/o Kumeu Huapai Law Centre, PO Box 122, Kumeu.
Joseph Productions No 17 Limited. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 1649, Whangarei 0140.
Joseph Productions No 20 Limited. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 1649, Whangarei 0140.
Joseph Productions No 27 Limited. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 1649, Whangarei 0140.
Kia & Craig Limited. Applicant: Ignatius Fernandes, 4 Knight Avenue, Mt Albert, Auckland.
Kibi Limited. Applicant: Kayomarz Behram Irani, 1/150 Bucklands Beach Road, Bucklands Beach, Auckland.
Kirton Properties Limited. Applicant: Erin Maree Kirton, 151–181 Main Street, Huntly.
Knight Painters Limited. Applicant: Graeme Knight, c/o Astill Hawke & Associates, PO Box 82175, Highland Park, Auckland.
Le Rue Foods 2002 Limited. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 432, Hamilton.
Leslie Lark Enterprises Limited. Applicant: Mark Lark, 19 Coles Cove, Papamoa.
M N K Holdings Limited. Applicants: Merv Murray and Noeline Murray, 1 Courtfield Close, Forest Park, Christchurch.
Magic Kitchen Limited. Applicant: Kamlesh Singh, 8 Newark Place, East Tamaki, Auckland.
Marstin Developments Limited. Applicant: Gibson Accountants Limited, PO Box 10008, Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland.
Mobile Mortgages New Zealand Limited. Applicant: Dale Heremaia, 7 Esher Place, St Martins, Christchurch.
Monkey Properties Limited. Applicant: Darren Yallop, 125 Glengarry Road, Glen Eden, Waitakere City.
Munro Holdings Limited. Applicant: Malcom John Munro, 60 Tawera Road, Rotorua.
N.& D.Parkinson Horticultural Contracting Limited. Applicant: Nigel Parkinson, 47 Orchard Road, RD 2, Kerikeri, Northland.
Palomino Properties Limited. Applicant: Michael Jones, Cooney Law, PO Box 369, Cambridge.
Paraonui Park Limited. Applicant: J B Lloyd Chartered Accountants Limited, PO Box 5159, Mt Maunganui.
Prime Property Sales NZ Limited. Applicant: Kim R. Kake, 1/52A Jephson Street, Toowong, Queensland 4066, Australia.
Progressive House Limited. Applicants: M. E. McManaway and M. C. McManaway, 9 Josephs Road, RD 1, Carterton.
Rangatira Land Co Limited. Applicant: Mark Chamberlain, Coombe Smith Rangitikei Limited, PO Box 71, Marton.
Rauaruhe Limited. Applicant: Commissioner of Inland Revenue, PO Box 76198, Manukau City.
Retsof Property Investments Limited. Applicant: Vivienne Foster, 76 Wright Street, Wainuiomata, Wellington.
Rocky Dundas Investments Limited. Applicant: Lowthers Limited, Level 12, 191 Queen Street, Auckland.
Rogers Co-op Limited. Applicant: Joe McLean Rogers, c/o Grigg & le Page, PO Box 30250, Lower Hutt.
Simply Fundraising Limited. Applicant: Sven Rein Arne Purre, Apartment 3.8, 1 Queens Wharf, Wellington 6001.
Skywell Limited. Applicant: Hyun Ja Han, 3B/168 Mokoia Road, Birkenhead, Auckland.
Sun Contracting Limited. Applicant: Jian Sun, 6A Manhattan Heights, Glendene, Auckland.
Ta Ki Brazil Limited. Applicant: Melissa Ducatti, 17/22 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland.
Taylor Reinforcing Services Limited. Applicant: Lock & Partners Limited, Level 1, 171 Hobson Street, Auckland.
The Copper Group Limited. Applicant: Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 33150, Takapuna.
The Natural Way NZ Limited. Applicant: Alfred David Eagle, 52/184 Beaudesert Road, Nerang 4211, Queensland, Australia.
Thesing & Associates Limited. Applicant: Lisa Thesing, c/o Butts Bainbridge & Weir, PO Box 21143, Henderson.
Thirst Aid Limited. Applicant: James Mitchell, PO Box 4342, Mt Maunganui.
Tower Foundations Limited. Applicant: Neil Jacka, 1/86 Gardner Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland.
Unusual Accents Limited. Applicant: Krystal Gardiner, Ascent Business Directions, 7–9 McColl Street, Newmarket, Auckland.
Warkworth Glass & Glazing Limited. Applicant: Rodney Taxation Services, Box 347, Warkworth.
Well Bred Limited. Applicant: Nicola Drake, PO Box 14153, Palmerston North.
Wharfedale Gardens Limited. Applicant: Anne Halliday, Robinson & Running, PO Box 35242, Browns Bay, North Shore City.
Any person who wishes to object must do so by notice to the Registrar at Private Bag 92061, Auckland Mail Centre, or by facsimile on (09) 916 4559 by 23 January 2008 (being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice).
Dated at Auckland this 20th day of December 2007.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.