Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act Notice

Notice is hereby given that a new Computer Freehold Register will be issued in the names of the applicants described below for the parcel of land hereinafter described, pursuant to section 3 of the Land Transfer Amendment Act 1963, unless a caveat is lodged forbidding the same at the expiry of one month from the date of the publication of this notice in the New Zealand Gazette.
Application: 7316643.1.
Applicants: Sam Alexis Trowsdale and Victoria Ann Cartwright, c/o Conveyancing Centre, Lawyers, 624 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland.
Description of the Land: 68 square metres, being part Lot 3 DP 6943 (all Computer Freehold Register NA357/77), North Auckland Land District.
Dated at the Auckland Office of Land Information New Zealand this 4th day of May 2007.
JOEL T. M. FOTU, for Registrar-General of Land.