Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act Notice

The applicants described below have applied, under section 70 of the Land Transfer Act 1952, for the removal of a redundant easement from their respective land titles. It is contended by the applicants that affected easement are redundant by reason
of the circumstances set out below. I intend to remove the easement at the expiry of one calendar month from the date of
the publication of this notice in the New Zealand Gazette and provided that there is no objection lodged by anyone before
that date.
Application: 7183015.2.
Applicants: Resort Developments Limited, Russell Herbert Garton, Marilyn Sandra Garton, MP Trustees (2005) Limited, Doubtless Bay Water Supply Company Limited, Andrew Cain Bhimy, Donna Bhimy and Public Trust, care of Gellert Ivanson, Solicitors, PO Box 25239, St Heliers, Auckland.
Description of the Easement: A water supply easement over parts of the land marked “A” and “B” on DP 340423, comprised in Computer Freehold Registers 141409, 165203 and 224588, appurtenant to the land in the Computer Freehold Registers 113B/700, 132C/642 to 132C/644 (inclusive), 88375, 118466, 141400 to 141406 (inclusive), 166193, 166195 and 224581, created by easement instrument D209241.6.
Circumstances: The easement became redundant because of the subdivision provided under DP 340423.
Dated at the Auckland Office of Land Information New Zealand this 5th day of March 2007.
JOEL T. M. FOTU, for Registrar-General of Land.