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General Section
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Veterinary Council: Results of 2007 Election

Pursuant to section 24(c) of the Veterinarians (Elections) Regulations 2006, notice is hereby given of the result of
the election held on 22 November 2007 to elect three veterinarians to membership of the Veterinary Council of New Zealand.
The number of votes recorded for each candidate was:
Name of Candidate Number of Votes
Ronald George Gibson 621
Peter John Squire Jerram 652
Grahame Frederick Joyce 425
Mark Cameron Robson 488
Julie Catherine Wagner 665
Total 2851
I accordingly declare
Ronald George Gibson
Peter John Squire Jerram
Julie Catherine Wagner
to be duly elected to the Veterinary Council of New Zealand
in accordance with section 24(a) of the Veterinarians (Elections) Regulations 2006.
Dated this 23rd day of November 2007.
PHILIP N. ROSS, J.P., Returning Officer.