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Rules for Student Enrolment Records

Under section 77A(3) of the Education Act 1989, I make the following rules.
In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:
“Authorised user” means a person who has completed
a user authorisation form and who has been provided with access to ENROL by the Ministry.
“ENROL” means the enrolment management system established by the Ministry to provide a central enrolment record for all school students. The system is accessed at
“Ministry” means the Ministry of Education.
“Parent” means a person who is a student’s mother, father, or guardian.
“Principal” means the principal of a registered school.
“Student” means a person enrolled in a registered school as a student, whether as a domestic student or an international student.
“Task” means an action, which has been initiated by ENROL, that a school must complete.
Rule 1 – Enrolling a student
When enrolling a student, every principal must ensure that:
a. ENROL is checked to confirm whether an enrolment record already exists for the student when a student, whether domestic or international, enrols in a school (Rule 2 explains when a new record will be required);
b. ENROL is updated within 5 school days of the student being confirmed as attending the school. A student is not officially enrolled at the school unless indicated as such within ENROL;
c. where a student, who is not a New Zealand citizen, Australian citizen or New Zealand resident, transfers to another school, ENROL is updated with:
? the criteria used to confirm the student’s eligibility status, eg New Zealand citizen, New Zealand resident, dependant of a person holding a valid work permit;
? the type of verification document used to verify the eligibility status and the serial number; and
? the student’s country of citizenship;
d. a student’s eligibility status in ENROL is updated where the student’s domestic eligibility status has changed (please refer to Circular 2007/1 Updated – Eligibility for enrolment in New Zealand schools);
e. where a student wishes to be enrolled under an alternative name, that name must be entered in the “Aliases” field on the same enrolment record as the student’s legal name;
f. he or she liaises with the principal of the other school where there is a conflict over the enrolment of a student, ie when one school is enrolling a student who has been confirmed as still enrolled at and attending another school; and
g. he or she confirms with the parent that, if the
“Keep Information Private” checkbox is activated,
this requirement should continue (Rule 5(i) explains when this checkbox should be used). If the principal clears this checkbox, then he or she must be satisfied that appropriate authorisation has been given to remove the checkbox.
Rule 2 – Creating records in ENROL
Schools must only create new ENROL records for:
? new entrants;
? international students entering a New Zealand school for the first time; and
? students who are returning to the New Zealand school system from overseas who have not previously attended a New Zealand school since ENROL has been in use;
When creating a record in ENROL, every principal must ensure that:
a. the student does not have an existing record by searching using the “Find a student” function, remembering to set the “Not at my school option” (if unsure please call the Ministry’s Contact Centre); and
b. all the mandatory fields in the new record are completed.
Rule 3 – Withdrawing students
Every principal must ensure that:
a. a student’s record in ENROL is updated within 5 school days of their last day of attendance with the student’s departure information;
b. ENROL is updated with the appropriate leaving reason(s), teaching and learning note(s) where necessary, and the correct last day of attendance when:
? the school has been advised that the student is no longer attending the school;
? the student has been absent for 20 school days
without the principal being informed that the absence is only temporary; or
? the student has been absent for less than 20 days but the principal has reason to believe they will not return to school;
c. supporting information has been kept on the student’s file in the school when teaching and learning notes are included on a student’s ENROL record;
d. students that have an exclusion remain on the school roll as per section 17C of the Education Act 1989 until another school enrols the student or they receive an appropriate exemption. A student should also remain on the school roll if the principal has an expectation that he or she will return to regular attendance (for example, where there is a truancy related court proceeding under way); and
e. students that have applied for either an early leaving exemption or homeschooling exemption, remain attending school (and enrolled in ENROL) until the exemption is approved by the Ministry. The Ministry will then update the students record in ENROL to reflect the last day of attendance at the school.
Rule 4 – Non-enrolment notifications
Every principal must ensure that:
a. the non-enrolment notification form is completed and emailed to the Ministry as soon as possible but within
5 school days when a non-enrolment notification task
is sent to a school from ENROL. These tasks cannot
be cancelled and need to be completed for all students. Users may submit an immediate non-enrolment notification for a student when withdrawing him or
her in ENROL by ticking the checkbox to send a
non-enrolment notification immediately; and
b. all contact details for the student held by the school, and any additional information (eg involvement with other agencies) that will assist with locating the student, are entered on the form. Comments should also include appropriate information about what the school has done to resolve the student’s non-attendance before the student withdrew from school.
Rule 5 – School and other user responsibilities
Every principal must ensure that:
a. ENROL is updated for all the school’s students, which includes those students who are attending offsite centres such as: Kura Teina satellites, special education satellite classes, Teen Parent Units, Activity Centres, Alternative Education, and Regional Health Schools;
b. every student enrolled at the school is recorded in ENROL in accordance with these rules;
c. the data in ENROL relating to the students currently enrolled in the school is maintained accurately and promptly by the school’s authorised users;
d. enrolment changes are updated in ENROL within 5 school days;
e. tasks generated by ENROL, which relate to a student enrolled or previously enrolled in the school, are completed as soon as possible, but within 5 school days;
f. the Ministry of Education is advised immediately when an authorised user no longer requires access to ENROL;
g. all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that school employees are aware of their obligations in respect of the appropriate use and protection of personal information in ENROL;
h. the school provides parents and students with the information sheet provided by the Ministry when
the student enrols. The information sheet will explain:
? the purpose of ENROL;
? who the authorised users of ENROL are and their obligations and responsibilities in respect of their use of ENROL;
? that information related to the student’s enrolment will be available to the next school;
? that parents and students are entitled to request access to and/or correction of, their personal information held in ENROL from the current school of enrolment or the Ministry; and
? students’ entitlements and parents’ obligations in respect of enrolment;
i. the “Keep Information Private” checkbox is activated
on the student’s ENROL record in the following circumstances:
? the principal is notified that one of the following exist: a protection order under the Domestic Violence Act 1995, a restraining order under the Harassment Act 1997, or where the student or a family member is under a witness protection programme under the Evidence Act 1958; or
? where the principal has reasonable cause to believe the student is likely to be at significant risk if the checkbox is not activated;
j. he or she complies with all relevant legislation when responding to requests for information from a student
or parent;
k. the school’s own enrolment record is completed and signed by the parent(s) and/or student;
l. a copy of the school’s enrolment form for the student is retained for seven years after the student has left the school; and
m. E19/22A forms for students who were enrolled under the previous paper system are retained for the period of seven years after the students have left the school.
Every authorised ENROL user must:
n. use ENROL only for the purpose of facilitating and monitoring the accurate and efficient enrolment of students; and
o. not share a user logon or password with any other person and must protect the password to prevent unauthorised access to the system.
Every authorised ENROL user in a district health board must:
p. use ENROL only for the purpose of updating a student’s enrolment record with hearing and vision test results.
Rule 9 – Schools exempt from using ENROL
a. These rules apply to all schools apart from those that have received a written exemption letter from the Ministry of Education.
b. The Ministry of Education may set conditions for any exemption.
This notice revokes the following notices:
a. Rules for Student Enrolment Records published in the New Zealand Gazette, 18 February 1999, No. 21, page 498.
b. Amendment to Rules for Student Enrolment Records published in the New Zealand Gazette, 13 July 2006, No. 80, page 2531.
c. Rules for ENROL Student Enrolment Records published in the New Zealand Gazette, 13 July 2006, No. 80, page 2532.
Dated this 27th day of September 2007.
KAREN SEWELL, Secretary for Education.