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General Notices
Notice Title

Notice of Claim

This notice is pursuant to section 101(2) of the Public Trust Act 2001.
To all creditors and claimants of Frangipani Investments Limited (a company that ceased trading in March 2007):
The sum of $5,166.00 has been paid to Public Trust to hold in the name of the deregistered company.
A claim has been lodged by Carolyn Margaret O'Keefe, of Dunedin, the former director and sole shareholder of Frangipani Investments Limited.
Public Trust proposes paying the amount of the claim,
less associated costs, to Carolyn Margaret O'Keefe, subject to no notice of a claim being received on or prior to
14 December 2007.
Any persons having any interest in priority to the claimant must submit a claim to Public Trust, PO Box 13245, Tauranga (Attention: Ken Southam) on or prior to the above-mentioned date.
Note: This is the first and only notice of this claim.