Notice Type
General Notices
Notice Title

Unclaimed Property

Notice of Election to Manage Property
Pursuant to section 101(1) of the Public Trust Act 2001, Public Trust hereby gives notice that:
(a) Charles Forsythe, of Otepopo, presumed dead, was granted ownership by virtue of a conveyance dated the 8th day of October 1880 of the property described in
the Schedule hereto.
(b) Public Trust elects to become manager of the property, it being satisfied that it is advisable in terms of section 101(1) of the above Act.
A part of Currie Road, Maheno, being an estate in fee simple, parts Section 137 Block VI Otepopo Survey District, containing approximately 4065 square metres, balance Deeds Index 0424 (Register Vol. 72, page 690) (Otago Registry).
Dated at Christchurch this 25th day of July 2007.
R. J. CALVERT, Authorised Signatory.