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1945 Trading Company Limited, G. Matassa Coatings Limited, Jensen & Brown Limited, Lakelands Limited, La Pointe Beach Estates Limited, Paintings Limited, Sai Aden Investments Limited, SMP Limited, Sportingpulse New Zealand Pty Limited, Style Up NZ Limited, Xpress Mode NZ Limited and Wiremu Contractors Limited (all in liquidation)

Notice of Intention to Remove the Above-named Companies From the Register
In the matter of the Companies Act 1993 ("the Act"), and in the matter of the above-named companies in liquidation, with a registered office address of 131 Taupaki Road, RD 2, Henderson 0782:
Notice is hereby given that it is intended that the companies be removed from the Register, pursuant to section 318(1)(e) of the Act, on the grounds that the liquidator has sent to the Registrar the final reports referred to in section 257(1)(a) of the Act.
Any objection to such removal must be made to the Registrar of Companies, pursuant to section 321 of the Act, setting out the grounds for such objection and be made not later than
27 August 2007.
Address for Service: Bryan Williams & Associates, Insolvency Practitioners, 131 Taupaki Road, RD 2, Henderson 0782. Telephone: (09) 412 9762. Facsimile: (09) 412 9763.