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Pursuant to Section 57T of the Commerce Act 1986
(a) The Electricity Information Disclosure Amendment Requirements 2007
(the “Amendment Requirements”) were made by the Commerce Commission
on 30 March 2007 and apply in respect of the 2006/2007 financial year.
Amendments to Electricity Information Disclosure Requirements 2004
The Amendment Requirements amend the Electricity Information Disclosure Requirements 2004 (the “Principal Requirements”) (Supplement to the
New Zealand Gazette, 31 March 2004, No. 38, page 951) as follows:
disclosures required by disclosing entities (other than Transpower
New Zealand Limited) under requirements 6(1), 14(1), 15(1), 16(1), 20(1), and 21(1) of the Principal Requirements in respect of the year ending on
31 March 2007 are to be made during the period of 5 months after
30 September 2007, rather than in the period of 5 months after 31 March 2007.
Obtaining copies of the Amendment Requirements
Copies of
· the Amendment Requirements; and
· the Principal Requirements (as amended by the Amendment Requirements and previous amendments to the Principal Requirements) are available for inspection free of charge at the Commerce Commission (during normal office hours) and on the Internet (, and for purchase at a reasonable price from the Commerce Commission.
Dated at Wellington this 30th day of March 2007.