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Synlait Farms Subsidiary Limited

Public Notice of Proposed Amalgamation
Pursuant to Section 221 (4) (b) of the Companies Act 1993
The board of directors of Synlait Farms Subsidiary Limited
gives notice that it is proposed that on a date after the
1st day of October 2006, Synlait Farms Subsidiary Limited will amalgamate with Synlait Farms One Limited, under Part XIII of the Companies Act 1993.
The amalgamated company will be a newly incorporated company called Synlait Farms One Limited.
Copies of the amalgamation proposal are available for inspection by any shareholder or creditor of Synlait Farms Subsidiary Limited or Synlait Farms One Limited (together the “amalgamating companies” and each an “amalgamating company”) or by any person to whom either of the amalgamating companies is under an obligation at the registered office of the amalgamating companies, being care of Bailey Ingham, Chartered Accountants, 18 Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga, during normal business hours.
Any shareholder or creditor of either of the amalgamating companies or any person to whom an amalgamating company is under an obligation is entitled to be supplied free of charge with a copy of the amalgamation proposal upon request to an amalgamating company.
Dated this 25th day of August 2006.
The board of directors: